13 Nov

A Day of Self Love
Hello there, my name is Paige. I’m 25 and I’m the face behind @glutenless_paige on instagram. How lovely of you to drop by! This year has been such a hard unsettling year for so many of us but we all need a little pick me up so lets celebrate self love, we need it now more than ever! In the last few months I’ve been making the effort to have a day of self love at least once a week. It doesn’t need to cost anything, just concentrate on relaxing, resting and doing things that you love.
Here’s what a day of self love looks like to me! I always like to start the day with a big oat milk latte in bed whilst catching up on YouTube videos from the last few days. Once I’ve done that I get up, get my gym clothes on and I either just spend ten minutes stretching or do a light home workout! The more you move your body the better you will feel. Then it’s time for a delicious breakfast/brunch. I LOVE porridge but on this day I chose to make some vegan pancakes with plenty of nut butter and frozen berries! Just delicious!
So what’s next? Do something you love. In my case I love to create new free from recipes. It always makes me feel very calm and relaxed and I could honestly spend hours baking! I ended up baking a gluten free ‘biscoff’ inspired swiss roll for my friends birthday and she loved it.
In the evening myself and my partner planned a little at home movie date night. We made some pizzas and bought some of our favourite snacks. I chose some sweet and salted popcorn and a bowl of vegan fizzy bubblegum bottles from Bear and Bee! They are definitely my favourite free from sweets and remind me of my childhood! We sat and watched The Greatest Showman under a huge fluffy blanket and just gave ourselves time to breathe and unwind.
Make sure you give yourself a day of self love every now and then! It could be treating yourself to your favourite free from sweets or even just taking the time to sit down and finally watch that new Netflix series your friend have been talking about.
I hope this gave you some inspiration for your own day of self love!
Stay safe,
Paige xx

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