13 Aug

Bear and bee sweets are my absolute favourites 😍. Discovered this brand during lockdown and I’m so glad because their sweets really are delicious, so affordable and delivered straight to your door.

They offer so much variety in terms of gluten free and vegan sweets and really know their products well so I can be confident what I’m eating is suitable for my dietary needs. They are always releasing new sweeties, and offer a variety of mixes including custom pick and mixes for all your favourites 😬. Their customer service is fab, super friendly and responsive on instagram for any queries and deliveries always arrive within a few days 😬 The packaging is also recyclable which is a great addition ✌🏽Will definitely be purchasing sweets from you guys again and again 😬

Thanks to  https://www.instagram.com/wheatthehell/ for this amazing images 

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